# holiday in Puglia

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We met lovely, warm local people, we learnt something of Puglia's region, culture and history, we enjoyed good food and had great times. Above all, we disagreed most definitely with northern Italians - southern Italy, and especially Puglia, is a place we all want to return to.

"After spending a week travelling all around the region, experiencing stunning cities and beaches, museums and historic sites, visiting wineries and hotels, meeting locals and enjoying the region's cuisine, I can honestly state that northern Italians don't know what they are talking about".

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A lovely time, with fantastic food and wine.Orecchiette, Salice Salentino and Primitivo.  Well.... someone get advantage !!!

A fantastic trip to Puglia (with Ryanair, Rte, Irish independent and Irish mail on Sunday

On the 30th of March 2015 we flew to Bari with Ryanair.

As usual, Ryanair's flight arrived punctual . Constance Wrote:

To my surprise, Puglia was not very touristy, considering the ease of getting there, and our flights were reasonably priced. We flew into Bari directly from Dublin with Ryanair (who fly Mondays and Friday,  from March to October)