How to arrive to Puglia

There are two international airports in Puglia, connected with main European Capitals: London, Dublin, Stockholm, Eindhoven, Barcelona, Vienna,Paris, Roma, Milano, and other European Cities ( Ryanair , Lufthansa and other european companies )

Main cities are connected by trains/bus.

​Transfers from/to the airport are arranged on request

                       About Puglia

         Welcome in our beautiful land

Puglia ( from the Latin Apulia) is located in south east  of Italy, the heel of the boot.There are many reason for a holiday in Puglia.You can find   the  cleanest and crystal sea  water  beaches in the  Mediterranean, lovely fishing  villages, stunning medieval cities and  several archaeological sites and museums. In Puglia you can enjoy one of the best cuisine in  Italy, food and wine  in the land of  the "primitivo" , the famous red wine.​ With over 500 kilometers of coastline , from the Adriatic shores to the  amazing stretches of sandy  beaches on the Ionian coast in Salento (the southern peninsula of Puglia), you will find the ideal spot,  either if you are looking for a relaxing resort , a wild beach , lovely cities with restaurants, cafes , events  and  night  life  or the peace of the countryside. ​Due his geographic position, Puglia during centuries has been invaded by Greeks , Romans, Turkish, Normans, Spanish, andall of them left their imprint in beautiful cities like Ostuni , Lecce ( the capital of the baroque, so called "Florence of Puglia), Otranto, the medieval Monopoli, the elegant Martina Franca, or  the Ancient Greece's colony Taranto, with his important Archaeological National Museum.Welcome to Puglia